Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Testing out the new GoPro Cameras

This year we purchased two GoPro submersible cameras to help us with our monitoring efforts.  We have used video cameras before, but not recently since they have always been cumbersome to handle.  The advantage of these new cameras is they are very small and we can mount them on divers, boats or whatever "platform" we want to film from.  So far we have only tried the head mount system to track our monitoring and planting dives.  We hope to use the same system to map restored meadows and I would also like to  record one of our larger restoration plantings from a fixed vantage point, if the visibility is adequate.  The visibility issue seems to be the limiting factor here as the cameras do not work as well in low light and obviously can't see through cloudy water.  Expect to see more of our videos appearing as we learn how to better use this tool. 


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